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Editing, Ghostwriting Services and Book Proposal Consulting

By bringing in the greatest personnel for your book's needs, BookJet Publicity can provide bespoke editing and ghostwriting services. You can choose from content editing, line editing, copy editing and proofing, as well as ghostwriting services.

What Are the Benefits of BookJet's Publicity Editing and Ghostwriting Services?

BookJet Publicity's editing and ghostwriting services are adaptable to your specific requirements. Our specialists will look at your writing style, assess the clarity of your message, your voice, story, pacing, and topic, and then provide suggestions.

We can assist you if you have an exciting idea and are looking for a ghostwriting expert. Bring your premise to us, and we'll talk about your writing ambitions. Our experts can help you turn your story into a finished product and a publishable manuscript.

What is BookJet Publicity's Role in Book Proposals?

BookJet Publicity provides book concept evaluation, book proposal recommendations, and advice.

How much does editing and ghostwriting services cost? What Are the Costs of a Book Proposal?

BookJet Publicity can create a retainer that fits your needs for editing and ghostwriting services. In addition to Self-Publishing, Book Covers, and Interior Formatting, we can provide editing services. Please let us know how we can help you.

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