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  • How Can BookJet Publicity Help Me?
    BookJet Publicity is a full-service public relations firm with a specialization in digital marketing. We specialize in assisting authors and creative individuals such as yourself in gaining the recognition they deserve. The market is flooded with books, all vying for attention. BookJet Publicity employs both traditional and digital marketing tactics to help writers like you soar above the competition. Our mission is to offer bright, passionate people the exposure they deserve through inventive, adaptable, and effective techniques.
  • BookJet Publicity represents what kinds of books and authors?
    We've effectively marketed both fiction and nonfiction authors. Our methods work for a wide range of books. We also assist other businesses and personalities in achieving their goals. Interested in seeing if we're a good match? Simply inquire to discover whether we're a good fit.
  • What Services Does BookJet Publicity's Digital Marketing Include?
    Integrated marketing is our area of expertise. This means we use all of your brand's core elements across several platforms. We don't address each part of your plan separately because we realize that for your brand to be effective, it needs to operate together. Digital marketing services provided by BookJet Publicity include: Author Network Branding, Logos, and Design Advertising and Marketing Website Design and Development Social Media Speaking and Events SEO and Content Marketing Editing, Ghostwriting, Book Proposals Book Trailers, Audio Books and Podcasting We also offer consultation services on all of the above.
  • How Does the Pricing Work?
    BookJet has a retainer program. Many of our clients choose the Author Network and then add on other services as needed. BookJet Publicity can construct a custom digital marketing strategy for you based on your objectives and budget.
  • Can BookJet Publicity assist me in marketing all of my books or series of books?
    Yes! Whether it's a single book or a collection, our strategy promotes both the author and their work. We genuinely have some fantastic book series promotion ideas. Readers enjoy binge-reading, and we make it easy for them to do so.
  • Is BookJet Publicity Marketing able to assist me in promoting an e-book?
    Without a doubt. We can advertise your ebooks, hard copies, or both if you have them. We can help you decide on the best course of action. With print on demand, it is now easier than ever to sell both a digital and physical book.
  • Can I use BookJet Publicity Marketing Services if I have an agreement with Amazon for Kindle Direct Publishing?
    Yes, you can use our web marketing services to increase the number of people who see your content. Our marketing strategy will bring traffic to your book on Amazon, your author website, and other websites. We can also assist with Kindle and ebook marketing promotion tactics.
  • What Should I Do If I Can't Decide Between the Author Network and the Retainer Package?
    We are aware of your predicament. The Author Network should ideally serve as the foundation for your internet marketing efforts. We may tailor a package to meet your specific needs, depending on where you are in the process of advertising your book. Our recommendation is to add services to your Author Network campaign that will compliment it. We use a unique approach to book marketing and publishing that is tailored to each author and their work.
  • When Is the Best Time to Start Marketing My Book If It Isn't Finished Yet?
    As a general guideline, you should begin creating your internet brand at least six months before to the publication of your book. When your book officially launches, your website, social media, ARCs with reviews, and pre-launch excitement all assist. Your book launch promotion, which is what the Author Network is all about, should begin at least three months before the book's publication date. The type of book you're writing, your specific goals, market conditions, trends, and the time of year all influence your strategy. Don't worry if you're feeling overwhelmed; we can assist you in developing your strategy.
  • If I Have a Traditional Publisher Who Is Marketing My Book, Can I Use BookJet Publicity Marketing Services?"
    Yes, you certainly can. BookJet Publicity can help your publisher's marketing efforts. Because our online efforts differ from traditional book promotion, there is little chance that our methods will clash. We are happy to work with your current publisher or publicist to maximize all marketing methods for your work.
  • Can I still use BookJet Publicity to promote my book if it's been out for a while?
    Yes, you very certainly can. Unlike traditional book publicists and publishers, we feel that previously published material has a significant internet marketing potential. We enjoy the challenge of coming up with innovative ways to promote backlist books, and we can help you reignite interest in your title, especially if you have a new one coming out soon. That doesn't imply you should contact us as soon as your book is published. The optimum time to begin is before your book is published, as there are numerous pre-publication methods that must be implemented in order for a successful book launch.
  • How Can I Measure the Effectiveness of My PR and Online Marketing?
    BookJet Publicity sends you a monthly report that includes the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are essential for determining the success of your online marketing and public relations efforts.
  • What Sets BookJet Publicity Apart From Other Publicity Firms?
    Traditional publishers and book publicists do not incorporate the best practices of digital marketing into your book marketing campaign in the same way that we do. Simply put, we are disruptors in the field of online book marketing. SEO, content marketing, social media, and other strategies are all part of the equation.
  • Is it possible for BookJet Publicity to publish my book?
    We are not a publisher, but we do offer Self-Publishing Support and can help you get started with self-publishing.
  • Is Copy Editing, Translation, Ghost Writing, or Formatting a Service Provided by BookJet Publicity?"
    Yes, we have the resources you need to construct your tale and effectively publish your book, even though these aren't marketing services. We feel that delivering a terrific book to your readers is the most crucial component in your success as an author.
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