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A Marine's Story: How I Was Hired By The President To Take Down Terrorists.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

In a world where the war on terror is waged daily, governments need to keep their people safe from rogue threats. In extreme cases, this means handing over the reins to private contractors who are willing and able to take out threats before they can do serious damage. The internet has allowed terrorism to spread more quickly than ever before, making it more difficult for government agencies to track down terrorists and protect their citizens effectively.

I'm Sgt. Marvin Styles, a US Marine Corps Force Recon soldier and one of the best snipers in the world. My enemies call me Ghost because I never miss a target and my ability to remain undetected is second to none. I've been trained in many different areas of combat, including urban warfare. I am an expert in infiltration and counter-surveillance measures. I'm good at uncovering potential threats to the people around me, and eliminating them quickly.

The President has ordered the elimination of terrorist groups and their leaders. I will be working with a small, highly trained group of individuals in various capacities. Our primary task will be to locate and eliminate enemy forces. We also participate in rescue operations when hostages have been taken by enemy forces. There are no set rules of engagement, but our actions must not violate the laws of the land where we are operating. His sole directive to us is to eradicate terrorists while causing no civilian casualties.

Hope you enjoyed the article, and if you want to find out what happens in the end, grab a copy of my book. It's available in paperback and Kindle versions on now!

The President's Weapon ( Book 1 of the Sgt. Marvin Styles Series)

Official Trailer for The President's Weapon

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A BIG shout out to Bookjet Publicity for the promotional videos they have produced. I particularly love the choice of music on the first and shortest video as shown on Facebook... Thank you so much for what you've done already with staggering positive results.... Russ Snyder


This is pretty interesting, I like reading political thrillers. I will give it a try <3

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