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The President’s Weapon

The Rest of the Team

This quartet led by Sgt. Marvin Styles also consists of a computer hacker, a pilot, and what might be considered a ‘nuts and bolts’ kind of guy who happened to command Styles for eleven years. Allow me to introduce them and give a bit of background on each.


Captain Richard Starr USMC, Retired.

Starr commanded Styles, albeit usually from afar, for eleven years. Starr was known for turning down multiple promotions as he wanted no part of being a full time ‘desk jockey’ and by remaining at the Captain’s rank, he was much more involved in ‘field work’. A veteran of 28 years in the Marines Corp, he saw action in Grenada and all over the Middle East especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was instrumental in assigning particular top priority targets in Iraq to be eliminated by Styles. Over the years Styles and he formed a trusting, if not likeable, relationship. Starr is the one man that Styles would trust with his life. When President Williams came up with the idea of having his own ‘special weapon’, Starr, a long and trusted friend, is the man President Williams turned to for help in structuring this unit.

Darlene Phillips

Canadian by birth and the youngest of five siblings (the other four were brothers) growing up she had a rather tough life as her brothers were hard on her. Subconsciously this was what drove her into the study of martial arts during her high school years when the opportunity presented itself. Today she holds a third degree black belt in Taekwondo also known as Korean Karate which features punch strikes and head kicks, traditional front and side as well as spinning back kicks. In her junior year of high school she found she had a natural aptitude for computers and after graduation attended the University o British Columbia and then the University of Montreal graduating with top honors. She then went on to perform graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology specializing in computer programing language and theory. She graduated number one in her class and was immediately hired by the Central Intelligence Agency. During these years she applied for and was granted U.S. Citizenship. She climbed upward through the CIA ranks of computer specialists with blinding speed and was considered ‘second in command’ of the Cyber Unit when President Williams plucked her from the CIA to join his team. Myra Banks, Head of the CIA’s Cyber Unit often referred Phillips as “An absolute magician’ with a computer to her Director, Bernard Backersley. Phillips and Styles got off to a rocky start at the beginning of the formation of the team but have since learned to completely trust each other. She has earned her keep as much as anyone on the team.

Captain J.C. Christman

Christman was one of the highest decorated fighter jet pilots in modern history. He is certified to fly virtually anything that leaves the ground. In recognition of all of his accomplishments he was assigned to finish out his naval career as an instructor at the flight school known as TOPGUN, which is now known as the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Program. Formerly located at Naval Air Station Miramar in California, TOPGUN is now located at the Naval Air Station located in Fallon, Nevada. He was immediately tapped by President Williams and Captain Starr to be the team’s assigned pilot. His easy going manner and sense of humor provides much comedic relief to the stressful situations the group faces. He is also known for his appetite, a subject that is joked about quite often although by his medium build one would never know it. Supplied with an extremely highly modified civilian passenger jet, his flying skills have amazed his teammates on many an occasion.

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What sort of Overpowered Group is this? Lol.

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Many have actually stated how they'd like to see this made into a film and there is a strong possibility of that happening. I'm glad you liked my story.

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