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The Untold Story: The Man On The Moon Mission.

The Man on the Mission is regarded as one of the most significant historical events in the world. It formed and molded planetary science, and it provided us with the first view of the Earth from space. Overall, many of the technologies we use in our daily lives would not exist if scientists had not continued to explore space.

You're well-versed in the story, but do you know anything about the people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Man on the Moon Mission a success? I bet not.

Men who served at the first Mission Control during and even before the Apollo Project reveal undiscovered names, unknown identities, unspoken realities, and true life happenings. We'd be able to hear a touching narrative from a living hero who recorded his experience as part of NASA's first Mission Control.

"The Kid from Golden," Jerry Creel Bostick, has a story to tell.

Jerry Bostick majored in Civil Engineering at Mississippi State University. He joined NASA in 1962 and worked on the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab missions as a Retrofire Officer and Flight Dynamics Officer. At NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, he worked as the Executive Assistant to the NASA Administrator and Special Assistant for Programs, Office of Energy Programs.

He served as Chief of Technical Planning, Manager of Space Shuttle Payload Deployment and Retrieval Systems, Deputy Manager, Space Shuttle Program, and Director of Mission Support after returning to the Johnson Space Center.

In 1984, he left NASA to join Grumman Aerospace Corporation as Vice President, Space Systems. He left Grumman in 1996 to join United Space Alliance as Assistant Program Manager, Space Flight Operations Contract, NASA's primary contract for Space Shuttle processing and operation.

He left United Space Alliance in 1998 and now resides with his wife Vickie in Marble Falls, Texas. Their family consists of three children and ten grandchildren.

Bostick worked on the films Apollo 13 and Armageddon, as well as the Emmy Award-winning HBO series From the Earth to the Moon.

His story will captivate you, and the book has received a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on Amazon, indicating how important the book is and how much people like it after reading it. Grab a copy of the author's book on Amazon if you want to learn more about his life and his account of the Man on the Moon Mission.

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