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Privacy Policy

This is BookJet Publicity's privacy policy. We designed this policy to serve as our message to you about our policy about the collection and use of any of your information that may be obtained while you use the BookJet Publicity website since your privacy and trust are essential to us.

The website's server can recognize a variety of information about you and your surfing behavior. This does not imply that we have access to or can acquire personal information. It does imply that data may be gathered through the use of browser cookies. Cookies are small pieces of code that track and monitor the websites you visit, for your information. They may keep track of the things you buy and preserve data for a certain length of time.

This website makes use of the MouseFlow program, which is a web analytics tool that records mouse clicks and movements. It's possible that it'll record your scrolling and clicking. Our activity is being recorded so that we can better understand how users interact with this website.

Cookies may also be used by third-party ad servers or advertising networks to track your behavior while on our site. The performance and KPIs of advertising campaigns are measured by a variety of third-party services. More information and details can be found in the privacy policies of third-party advertisers. Their cookies are not controlled by the BookJet Publicity website.

Your email address may be made available to respectable business partners and parties who may be of interest to you based on your browsing history and activities. We don't sell your information to anyone on a regular basis.

Please contact us at the email address mentioned below if you would want to be removed from the database we use and do not want your email address to be shared with our partners.

This site regularly contains connections to other third-party websites. BookJet Publicity is not responsible for the content of any third-party websites or their privacy policies.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to change or modify this privacy policy at any time.

Please contact us at if you have any concerns or would want to discuss this privacy policy further.

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