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Russ Snyder's Success Story

"I can confidently say that I got more than what I paid for."

Russ Snyder, Author - The President's Weapon

Embarking on the Path to Best-Seller Status with BookJet

A couple of years ago, Russ Snyder hesitated when BookJet Publicity approached him about his book. Past experiences with self-publishing and marketing companies had left him skeptical. However, driven by the desire to give his book a fighting chance, Russ took the leap of faith.


What he discovered was a dedicated team that not only believed in his work but also shared his vision for success. Together, we embarked on a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. With hard work, perseverance, and a touch of creative magic, Russ Snyder's book climbed the best-seller charts, proving that sometimes, taking a chance can lead to extraordinary success.


Success over Time

Ranked 3rd Best-Selling Book in 2021

A testament to our dedicated marketing efforts, Russ Snyder's "The President's Weapon" proudly holds the 3rd position in the fiercely competitive Best-selling Action-Thriller category with over 2,000+ reviews. This achievement not only underscores Russ's exceptional storytelling but also highlights our commitment to promoting his work and reaching a wider audience of thriller enthusiasts. Congratulations, Russ, on this remarkable milestone!

Rank No. 3 - September 2022.png

Growth in Sales and Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

4.2 Ratings ★★★★★

with over 2,153 Reviews

Ratings .jpg

Russ Snyder's Upcoming Project with BookJet Publicity

We are currently rebranding Russ Snyder's books, transforming them into a highly franchisable format with enhanced designs and a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at conquering both the publishing and movie industries. While negotiations may take time, we are steadfast in our belief in this journey. We have a significant advantage in negotiations and are already garnering interest from independent producers, although we aspire to reach a higher level of recognition for the book. Our vision is for these books to evolve into a much grander and more impactful presence in the literary and cinematic realms.

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